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About Sharry's Place

Sharry's Place was the name of a gift shop I once owned, and though the store was closed in 2002, I couldn't bear to completely give up doing something under the name. Though the content has changed since we went online after the store closed, the love of sharing different things with you hasn't.

With Just A Click...

I have loved taking pictures since I was 13 when I received my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic X-15 (which I still have). For Christmas in 1981, I received a Canon T70 with several types of lenses. For several years, my photographs were taken using the Canon T70 with an 80-200mm telephoto lens. I eventually started using a Kodak EasyShare Z740; however, I've not given up using the Canon T70 entirely. I eventually started using a Sony CyberShot; I now use a Nikon D5600.

I try to carry my camera with me most every where I go. Though I do take pictures indoors, the outdoors is my favorite backdrop, with its vast array of scenery ranging from trees to clouds to creeks and everything in between.

Comic Books, Horror Films, & Conventions...

ScareFestIn 2011, I attended my first convention dedicated to the horror film & tv industry. Suffice it to say, after the convention was over I was hooked. Since then my son and I have also attended the Lexington ComicCon (held in Lexington, KY) and the FandomFest/Fright Night Film Fest (held in Louisville, KY).

Though I'm not personally into the horror/thriller/slasher movies made today, preferring the "old classics" such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Alligator People, and all the Godzilla movies, I will admit that I enjoy being able to meet one-on-one the stars who come to these conventions.

Other Endeavors...

Besides sharing our photographs with you here on Sharry's Place Photography, we also have 2 home based businesses. Both deal with customized apparel and other items using heat transfer vinyl (htv) sublimation ink. You will find our htv designed apparel at A Family Affair Boutique. For sublimation designs, The Purple Gnome Studio is where you will find them. Feel free to click on either picture